Letters & Words for Home Interiors: Decorative Accessories for Styling Rooms by Adding Characters

By | August 1, 2017

Many cooks will use linen tea towels in their kitchen everyday. Letters and words can be a subtle and changing feature in a kitchen by buying woven tea towels for style and utility. Produced in Stirling, Scotland and available from several online stores, the Scots Dialect tea towel – claiming to celebrate the Scots language with definitions of words including blether, canny, scunner, birl and eejit – will be a talking point in many kitchens.

Keep-calm offers online ordering of products with messages or mantras such as

  • “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
  • “Stop and smell the roses”
  • “Wake up and smell the coffee”
  • “Keep calm and carry on”

Kitchens can be accessorised with letters and words with posters and grocery shopping bags from Keep-calm.

Letters and Words for Eating and Drinking

Master craftsman of a gourmet chocolate company in his name, Bernard Callebaut makes chocolate letters from dark chocolate or pure milk chocolate available for shipping to only Canada and USA. Chocolate lovers in other countries should seek a national chocolatier for buying letters to form names or words for celebrations – an edible Happy Birthday perhaps?

Mugs in kitchen displays and in action when drinking are a canvas for wordsmiths. Many ceramics stores online will help buyers create their personalised set of mugs with unique phrases. Alternatively, the Wisdom contemporary mugs, made in England in bone china, from Repeat Repeat may suit your home styling and sunny disposition with “Think Happy Act Happy” and “Gardening is a work of Heart”.

Letters and Words for the Nursery and Bedrooms

Bedrooms and a nursery offer perfect backdrops for accessorizing with decorative letters and words. Currently available from Amazon is a nursery wall paper border with illustrated alphabet letters.

Gold, silver, white or black letters – as initials or to form names – can be attractive accessories for home staging a bedroom. Depending on the stylist’s themes, POSH Grafitti® from Emily Readett-Bayley are high end letters hand carved from albesia wood and finished with silver or gold metal gilt, white gesso or original floral designs. Further information on the ethical production of POSH Grafitti® and coverage in the international Home Interiors press is available from Emily Readett-Bayley.

A bold statement in a room could be made using wallpaper sparingly on one feature wall or an entire room. Inspiration from wallpaper by Graham Brown could help in deciding what to buy to include characters in the home.

Home interiors styling by accessorizing with letters and words can play a role in developing a room’s theme, personalising the home and injecting characters inside.


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