Up Your Home’s Resale Value with Simple Fixes

By | January 25, 2017

When looking to sell your home, or just looking to update it for eventual sale or increased comfort, it’s often most useful to make improvements in the bathroom and kitchen. Real estate experts estimate that 80-90 percent of money spent making improvements to these rooms can be earned back in resale value. Here are some tips for making the most of your dollars and improving these vital rooms in your home.

Walls and floors

It’s important to start with a fresh, clean slate when focusing on the kitchen and bathroom, which are the two most functional rooms in the house. Make sure that the floors are durable and high-quality. Since these rooms don’t tend to be palatial, replacing the floor is often an economical option. Think about surfaces that can take a lot of traffic and abuse and still look great, like high-quality matte-finish tile with a fleck or pattern in it, or a laminate that can clean up easily.

The walls should be a neutral color, to play up the functionality of the room and so as not to put off any prospective buyers. It doesn’t have to be white, though, which can make a room feel sterile. Try a warm taupe shade or a pale orange-yellow. Whatever the color, it should make you feel relaxed when you look at it. Be sure to use high-durability paint, since steam, splatters of cooking oil and water are facts of life in these rooms.


There are few things that can update a bathroom quicker than new fixtures. Just think about going for the whole package, instead of swapping out only one thing. This makes it feel like instead of a spruce, you were going for a whole bathroom or kitchen remodel. Think about sinks, faucets, toilets, showerheads and everything that matches them.

bathroom or kitchen remodel

The new fixtures needn’t be super fancy, but you can find more modern-looking fixtures at any home store that will look custom compared with dated or pre-installed ones. Remember that the functionality of these is very important, as well as how they look. Having a shower that works well and a sink that doesn’t spray in ten directions make the bathroom experience much more enjoyable. The same is true in the kitchen.


New appliances can make a world of difference in a kitchen, but obviously it’s an expensive undertaking. If you’re really motivated to sell and are having trouble, look for sales on appliances and be sure to choose higher-end ones so that your buyer can see the attention to detail and appreciate the improvement you’ve made to the room.


A well-lit room always feels nicer to be in, shower in, cook in or otherwise enjoy. Invest in some simple, modern fixtures and place them well so they put off a flattering light and evenly light the room. Also, make sure to play up natural light in these rooms by keeping windows clear of overpowering curtains or window treatments and removing dated details like frosted glass.

With a few replacements and elbow grease, you can make the most functional rooms of your home shine as beacons to potential buyers, or be updated for your own enjoyment.

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