Quickly and Easily Fix Large Holes in the Wall

Simple and Cheap Way to Fix Damages in Drywall without Replacing It Damage to drywall can occur for a variety of reasons, whether intentional or unintentional. Beings that walls are made of drywall, and drywall, especially thin drywall, can easily be broken. Small holes from screws, nails, wall hooks and other minor holes can easily… Read More »

Choosing Colors for Tile Grout

A Grout Color Selection Guide After selecting the perfect tile to complete the job in progress, many homeowners may be unaware that they will also have to select the color of the tile grout. Since grout is a necessary part of the tile design, it makes sense that the grout chosen will complement or highlight… Read More »

How to Practice the Best DIY Gutter Cleaning at Home

  Is there anyone that really likes the job of cleaning out gutters? If you said yes, then you may be in the wrong place, because you already know what this is all about! Gutter cleaning isn’t a particularly pleasant job, but it’s something that simply has to get done. You can either call for… Read More »

Home Remodeling Success Tips

Planning a Residential Upgrade and Using Green Building Materials These details aren’t closely guarded general contractor, carpenter, plumber, electrician, or painter trade secrets, but they’re not advertised either. The knowledge is gained through experience on numerous construction projects. These tips for remodeling success can be categorized as follows. Plan Your Residential Remodel Project Years ago… Read More »

Up Your Home’s Resale Value with Simple Fixes

When looking to sell your home, or just looking to update it for eventual sale or increased comfort, it’s often most useful to make improvements in the bathroom and kitchen. Real estate experts estimate that 80-90 percent of money spent making improvements to these rooms can be earned back in resale value. Here are some… Read More »

Prevent Lead Exposure at Home

Cleaning Up Lead Dust in and around the House Homeowners can take simple steps to prevent lead poisoning in their children, which could protect them from criminal behavior later in life. A study in the May 27 issue of PLoS Medicine showed that lead exposure in infancy and early childhood is strongly correlated with criminal… Read More »